Alister at the Salon de l’Agriculture!

25 mars 2015

The 52ndSalon International de l’Agriculture took place in Paris from 21st February to 1st March, 2015, giving Alsace an opportunity to make its European Hamster better known.


Alister and François LOOS, Vice-President of the Alsace Region

Hosted by the Chamber of Agriculture and the Alsace Region, the project partner, ALISTER was present at the Alsace stand for the joy of all attendees. Both little children and adults were able to take pictures of our mascot, while discovering the existence of the European Hamster and stakes linked to its preservation. There are only a handful of people who know that wild hamsters exist in European and that in France, they can only be found in Alsace. This trade faire was also an opportunity to highlight the roles played by farmers in the LIFE ALISTER Project.


Thomas BLUM, President of CUMA de la plaine*, interviewed by Top Music

* This CUMA will manage agricultural equipment made available by the Chamber of Agriculture and funded by the European Life Alister project: a seed drill for grain crops and environmentally friendly fertilizers, rotative weeders, zig-zag harrows, strip tills, etc.

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