Goals of the project

The LIFE ALISTER Project aims to protect the European Hamster in an innovative way, not only through experimentations (to validate methods of conserving the species) but also through the association of all stakeholders, where each partner is a project stakeholder.


Based on this, the LIFE ALISTER Project aims to develop sustainable social and economic models, which are conducive to the species, and to formulate recommendations for each of its goals for solutions in Alsace so that these tried and tested practices become transposable to other European territories.


The Life Alister Project has 4 key goals:

  • Improving the habitat of the European Hamster: this concerns all actions to experiment, then roll out best practices concerning adaptation of crops to the Hamster.
  • Reconnection of zones where the European Hamster is present: this will allow the European Hamster to move from one zone to another. These zones are currently separated by obstacles (roadways in particular) and reconnection will allow it to use specific passageways where it will not be exposed to predators.
  • Creating new opportunities of development for the species: we will introduce Hamsters into new zones, previously selected in compliance with strict criteria.
  • Information / Awareness raising in Alsace: preservation of the European Hamster means rolling out actions to inform and make the general public aware of the stakes linked to biodiversity.