Starting up the 750 A direct seed drill

On 2 July, 2015, two technicians came to explain to CUMA* de la Plaine members how to run and adjust the 750 A direct seed drill. Eleven farmers out of the 17 members of the cooperative partnership were present, showing the interest CUMA members had for agricultural conservation methods, even though a direct seed drill is a complex and quite impressive machine for farmers who have never used one before!

The direct seed drill is a machine which allows you to directly sow seeds into the soil, without having to have ploughed the soil before, which you have to do in traditional farming methods. This fundamental agricultural conservation technique preserves soil biodiversity (bacteria, small organisms such as earthworms, etc.) and maintains a vegetation cover in the fields, both of which are beneficial for the European Hamster’s food and protection.


The Alsace Region Chamber of Agriculture purchased the 750 A direct seed drill in the framework of the LIFE Alister Project. Members of the CUMA de la Plaine Association were thus able test it and adhere to this innovative agricultural technique.


*CUMA = cooperative society for the use of agricultural material.