Assessment of the social, economic and environmental impact of the concrete actions tested in the Alister Project (D5)


This action aims at drawing up a strict assessment of the social, economic and environmental impact of practices tested in the project (ex-post assessment) and their application on spacial ranges larger than those targeted by the LIFE ALISTER Project (ex-ante assessment).

This assessment, developed within the framework of a partnership-based process involving all beneficiaries of the ALISTER project, will be used for recommendations written by and transmitted by French and European decision-makers (activity E4). This robust assessment of all environmental, social and economic impacts will be based on primary data collected throughout the entire project, and this will concern sites and zones directly targeted by protection/improvement of the habitat actions as well as for model sites. All of these analyses will:

  • respond to an explicit demand for assessment of impacts of this project, as well as extrapolating the project results towards the entire zone to be protected in Alsace, as well as in other European countries;
  • be used for all communication actions drafted for the project and targeting farmers, municipalities and all concerned stakeholders, by explaining all expected benefits in these protection actions, including benefits for habitats as well as for other species that will contribute to improving biodiversity in compliance with regional, national and European specifications;
  • be used for communication actions implemented in State services and concerned stakeholders about the stakes involving the protection of the European Hamster in Alsace.


In charge of the action: ACTéon

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