How to produce quick post-harvest cover to protect and feed the European hamster

25 août 2014

Action A4 of the LIFE ALISTER project

The Alsace Chamber of Agriculture recently organised a demonstration for farmers on sowing green manures* after harvesting.

Different sowing techniques were presented and illustrated using farm equipment (direct seed drill, broadcasting on stubble harrow, harrow combination drill and fertiliser drill). Félix Meyer (crops and agronomy department) talked about the different cover choices possible based on farmers’ objectives and constraints.

Organic farming adviser Gérald Huber then explained the usefulness of species mixes including legumes in plant cover.

Farmers were able to assess the quality and speed at which different types of cover become established depending on the machinery used. A day of fruitful collaboration both for farmers and the European hamster!

More information from Edouard CHOLLEY – CARA Environment-Innovation Department –

* Plants sown between two main crops to perform a wide range of functions:

  • Protection of soil, game and small fauna
  •  Nitrate capture
  • Supply of minerals for the following crop
  • Enriching the soil with organic matter

Around 70 farmers attended the demonstration on a recently harvested plot of barley on the LITT farm in Ittenheim


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