Photographers at LIFE Alister

26 mars 2018

The LIFE Alister project began in 2013 and at that time, the project hardly had any photos of the European Hamster. Nearly five years later, we have a large collection of images to communicate to the public, who love to see our hamsters’ pretty faces. LIFE owes this photo library to several photographers, both amateur and professional, who work for the various partners in the project. People who gain much pleasure in immortalising this small mammal that, we must remind ourselves, is also a threatened species.

Photos taken by the CNRS

In the photo credits can be seen the names of Dr. Mathilde Tissier r (Doctor-Researcher CNRS), Florian Kletty (Phd student and Researcher ) and Nicolas Busser(Communications Department of IPHC – CNRS).


Photos taken by the ONCFS

Photos by Philippe Massit (photographer at the ONCFS) illustrate the work carried out by employees and technicians, notably at the time of capture as is the case here in this photo taken at night.


Among the ONCFS photos, we cannot leave out the precious camera traps that are set off by the animals at their slightest movement and that often enable us to witness these endearing scenes

Other angles…

There are no European Hamsters in sight, but photos from the Chamber of Agriculture and GEPMA (Alsace Mammal Study and Protection Group) allow LIFE Alister to give the general public an idea of what is being done within the context of the project.


Our thanks to all these photographers for sharing the essence of the moment with us!

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