Pierre Strosser – ACTeon


« A pinch of economy, a zest for agriculture flavoured with environment, sprinkled according to the seasons of climate change or facilitation of player processes… 

What is your role in the LIFE Alister project?

 We specialise in consulting and research, at the crossroads of environment and agriculture; we are trying to gain an understanding of how inhabitants perceive the European Hamster and the challenges in its protection. ACTeon’s main action was to carry out interviews and web surveys with the project’s partners, conservationists of the European Hamster (farmers, regional planners, elected town officials, European researchers, etc.), pro-biodiversity conservationists and the population of Alsace. We attach particular importance to how the different stakeholders perceive the progress of events and their contribution to the conservation actions for this emblematic rodent of Alsace.

What will be your next action?

We are organising a European workshop where all the actions conducted by the partners in the LIFE Alister project will be shared and discussed with other active players in France and Europe who are searching for solutions centred around the protection of biodiversity and socio-economic development.

These meetings will take place on 28 February 2019 in Brussels.