The first litter of hamsters born in semi-captivity

15 septembre 2015

Great news! We just saw the first litter of hamsters born in semi-captivity at the CNRS Biodiversity Station (IPHC-DEPE) a few days ago!

And here they are










Mommy hamster and her 3 babies are on the pictures, though perhaps there are more in their burrow yet. These three little brave ones that you see are sure keeping close to the burrow, at least for now.

This litter is from a mixed crop field (wheat, alfalfa, corn and sunflowers) and we can see Mommy hamster bringing back good things to eat for her little ones. And we even saw her catch a frog, for the very first time!



Hamsters are omnivorous, eating grain crops, roots, invertebrates or even little mammals… and apparently also little amphibians such as frogs!


The goal of the study carried out by CNRS* was to compare reproduction in females in these mixed fields with that of females in fields where only corn or wheat was planted. Hamsters born will be released in a natural habitat next year to increase the population of wild hamsters.


* Mathilde Tissier (a doctoral student) and Caroline Habold (the research leader)

Let’s go!


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