CARA – Portrait

photoTristanRobertTristan Robert – A Consultant in innovative agricultural procedures – Alsace Chamber of Agriculture

I studied at the Purpan Engineering School in Toulouse and I specialised in my last year in management of agro-environmental resources. After that I worked for three years in the Chambers of Agriculture in Lorraine and in Franche-Comté, always on issues linked with environmental protection: monitoring of protected waterworks, land farming plans, assisting farmers concerned by a biotope protection by-law, etc.

I started this job in Alsace two months ago, where I replace Edouard Cholley.

What missions do you have in the framework of the LIFE + ALISTER Project?

I’m in charge of designing and monitoring agricultural experiments in the framework of the ALISTER programme. These trials allow us to test promising agricultural techniques such as strip-tilling, installing plant cover in between crops; all of this is favourable for the European Hamster as well as other wild animals, whilst responding to the needs and expectations of farmers, as well. The goal is to protect hamsters whilst retaining good economic results for the farms.

At the same time, I’m also in charge of the agricultural part of the LIFE+ ALISTER Project: technical meetings with farmers, demonstrations of equipment, etc. I also take part in chairing the CUMA* in the Plaine area. This CUMA was recently created and it will allow farmers who join to use innovative agricultural equipment on their lots located in zones where the Hamster is present.

What drives you in your job?

The agricultural techniques that we test are well-known and understood abroad, but they are at their very beginnings here in France. There’s still a lot of work to do to adapt them to our earth and our climate. It’s really interesting; we’re facing a hugely unexplored domain and this makes us feel like we’re pioneers!

*CUMA: cooperative partnership for use of agricultural equipment, a cooperative society where equipment will be shared by several farmers.