GEPMA – The 7 differences Game

The 7 Differences Game

COMPARE the same landscape in 1972 and today: what has CHANGED?


A few hints to find the seven differences:

  1. size of the village
  2. the number of roads
  3. the diversity of crops
  4. the size of lots
  5. agricultural machines
  6. automatic watering system for corn
  7. bees

This transformation of the habitat of the European Hamster, taking into account agricultural changes as well as use of the land, explains the vast majority of reasons why the population of hamsters has declined so dramatically.

The goals of the Alister LIFE Project are finding how to conciliate human activities whilst preserving the European Hamster.

With this “7 Differences Game”, designed by Romain Lengagne, the project leader at GEPMA, children will become more aware of actions taken in Alsace by the Alister LIFE project.