And here’s the first baby hamster we captured! 136g – a cute face!

15 septembre 2015

In the PNA* framework, our ONCF teams go through fields that have just been harvested in order to try to locate hamster burrows. At the same time, they set traps in the burrows located near the LIFE sites, where they hope to find hamsters that were marked in April or May and that have perhaps relocated into wheat fields. Our first capture session took place last week – 10 burrows with traps / 7 marked individuals, including 3 babies. We gave them water intensive food to attract them into the traps, and melon was what they preferred!      For the moment though, we haven’t captured any individuals that were marked last spring.  More to come!


Captures 23 juillet 2015 (2)

Captures 23 juillet 2015 (1)













And here’s the first baby hamster we captured last week: 136g – a cute face!

*PNA The National Action Plan

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