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7 décembre 2015

LIFE Alister Project has rolled out digital communication with several tools: its internet site, its Facebook page and its YouTube channel. 
Let’s have a look at these tools.

The internet site can be considered as LIFE Alister’s resource document: the project is described and current events are regularly updated. If you haven’t already noticed this, current events are ranked in two different ways: in “Project News,” and then in the tab of the actions they have. For example, if you go into the “Improve the European Hamster’s Habitat” action and you choose “Identify Agricultural Practices with a High Biological Potential,” you’ll see all the different articles on this theme.

The description of the action is thus complemented with current events linked to it.

site 1 - copiesite - copie


The goal of our Facebook page is to allow the team to interact with you and publish “instantaneous” information on the project. You’ll find photos and events on what happens day after day in LIFE Alister. You can also give us any remarks, suggestions or ask questions.

Our YouTube channel has all of LIFE Alister’s videos and can be found as a window on the site’s home page.

All of these tools are interactive amongst each other and allow you to follow the LIFE Alister Project step-by-step.

We’d love to hear from you!


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