Crazy origami days

24 mars 2017

In 2016, the GEPMA* proposed a new activity on its stands: an Origami workshop. These Japanese folded paper activities were a bit hit in France and allowed participants to discover small animals on the Alsatian plains, whilst having a good time.


animaux-origamiEuropean Hamsters of course, but also toads, butterflies, buzzards, crickets, ladybirds, or even foxes were crafted under the attentive eyes of would-be folders, delighted to leave with their creations. This activity also gave the organiser the opportunity to talk about the European Hamster and its friends. While folding their papers, participants learned why preserving the Alsatian agricultural plains is so important.


These workshops will once again be offered on the various stands throughout 2017 (events schedule on the home page of the site


2016 results

The GEPMA is in charge of raising awareness of the general public on the LIFE Alister project, and as all actions in this project, the association must give the results of its actions to the European Commission. Here are the 2016 results:

From 1st January to 31 December, 2016, 3,029 persons tested the board game as well as associated games (colouring books, cut-outs, origamis) where the events were held and 2,331 played the video game on the stands using a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

In 2016, 46 events took placed (compared with 31 in 2015) and 6,912 persons visited the stand and discovered the European Hamster and the Life+ Alister project.

And we must add that more and more of you can now recognise our mascot, Alister. Thank you for that! (and to those who bring this large stuffed animal to life).


*Group to Study and Protect Mammals in Alsace

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