European Trade Fair 2017

2 octobre 2017

Once again, the LIFE Alister project will be present at the European Trade Fair from 1 to 11 September, to meet the public and speak about the European Hamster. But not only that…

This year, innovation is one of the themes of the European fair – a topic that LIFE Alister is particularly fond of as it represents one of the values it supports. To find solutions, we have to be innovative! Innovation can be found at all levels in the working of this multi-partner project and especially in farming (

 Within the scope of LIFE, the Alsatian Chamber of Agriculture has been experimenting with several cultural practices in recent years, to determine which practices would best meet environmental, agronomic and economic constraints. Among its experimental projects, the strip-till technique is currently being tested with members of the company CUMA de la Plaine. This method of working the ground is still fairly uncommon in Alsace, despite its advantages regarding soil preservation.


strip-tillStrip-till presentation at the Innovation Evening

An ‘Innovation Evening’ devoted to farming is being organised on Monday 4 September in the trade fair’s agricultural area. The strip-till equipment will be on site for participants to see and they will be able to hear an explanation of how it is used. During this evening, other innovations in the farming sector will also be presented: precision agriculture using mapping and drones, guidance systems, on-farm energy use, etc. Farmers in Alsace will receive an invitation from the Chamber of Agriculture, though access to the presentations is open to all.


jeu-plateaumascotte-alisterActivities by GEPMA

Educational workshops will be organised by GEPMA, including a board game, pictures to colour and origami. The novelty this year is the ‘European Hamster game’ which will enable everyone to understand hibernation better. Specific activities will be organised on 6 September for Children’s Day.


Useful information

LIFE Alister
European Trade Fair – Espace Agricole
1-11 September, free entry from 6 pm
Innovation Evening – 4 September at 6.30 pm
Children’s Day – Wednesday 6 September

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