Cricetus, the key word

7 décembre 2015

In the framework of promoting the .alsace extension, l’, the Alsace Attractiveness Agency, and the innovation salon, i.Nova, have decided to launch a search engine optimisation contest on this extension.

What are you talking about?

This means placing a site ending in .alsace in a better position in Google search results depending on a given key word.

What key word? And here’s where the European Hamster steps in! The key word chosen is the word “cricetus.” Benjamin Louis, the .alsace manager we interviewed, explained the criteria behind the choice of this key word. They were defined by Olivier Andrieu, an Alsatian who is a national star in the field of search engine optimisation, and who is also sponsoring this contest. The idea was to find a key word that:

  • means something (to better generate interesting content);
  • is not linked to any economic activity (such as the word sauerkraut);
  • represents Alsace;
  • is linked to a friendly cause (dixit).

Cricetus obviously!

This content was launched on 08 October in the i.novia exhibition and we could already see from Google intelligence, carried out in the framework of the project, several internet sites conveying Life Alister content. The project was also used by several participants who put links from their site on the LIFE Alister site, as this type of hyperlink exchange is very important in boosting rankings when using Google as a search engine. As LIFE Alister Project could not guarantee the content, it did not wish to share these links, as that would mean it was recommending these sites.

There are currently over 40 sites participating in the contest, though Benjamin Louis believes only about ten or so will make it to the finish line. This is because rules are very strict and sites must be regularly updated with new information and content.

The contest will end at the end of February, 2016. The winner will receive an award in the Innovation Trophy evening which will take place at the IRCAD at the beginning of March.

 Our mascot will be there☺

concours-seoRegistration is still possible until the end of November. Contact:
concours – SEO .alsace
Benjamin LOUIS
.alsace manager



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