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17 mai 2017

On March 7 and 15, the Alsace Chamber of Agriculture had a training session in “Sowing under plant cover” which targeted farmers in the hamster zone, in priority. Speakers recognised in the agricultural environment for their expertise contributed to the goals of the LIFE Alister Project by presenting the interests and key points to be monitored in this type of farming.

Here are their interviews:

Hubert Charpentier has been a farmer for the past 17 years in the Champagne Berrichonne region, where he also practices direct sowing under plant cover.
He was formerly an agronomist at the Cirad, where he participated in fine-tuning direct sowing in Brazil, Madagascar, Cameroon and other countries.
Member of a CETA (Centre for Technical Agricultural Studies) which includes many members who meet to discuss their practices, he gives training courses on direct sowing under plant cover technique.

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Jérôme Labreuche is an Engineer in  Soil Cultivation and Intermediate Culture, and he works in the Agronomy – Economy and Environment department  at ARVALIS, a vegetation institute.
He spoke about the stakes and the results Arvalis obtained from its research and experimental techniques on plant cover and intermediate cultures, as well as sowing under plant cover.

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