Playing the Role of the European Hamster in Alsace!

24 juin 2015

BoiteJeuPlateauCS4In order to raise public awareness, particularly that of children, the GEPMA designed a board game to explain the stakes involved in preserving the European Hamster and biodiversity in agricultural fields, in an entertaining way.

Two to four players, aged 8 to 108, play the role of European Hamsters; they represent a population of hamsters that live in an agricultural field. The aim of the game is to have enough provisions (= Reserve points), to make it through the winter in the den. As the dice are tossed, the players move on the board, harvesting “question cards” that will allow them to earn points if they have the right answers.

But, just like in the life of a European Hamster, there are traps and predators… will you be able to earn enough Reserve points and defy dangers?

This board game will be present on all GEPMA actions beginning on 13 June (see the timetable for actions on the internet site) and take a sneak peak in on our Facebook page.

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