Experimentation in an open environment of the most promising agricultural practices (C1)


This is aimed at designing an agricultural practice model and validating its effectiveness through the acquisition of technical and economic references as well as biological parameters of the European Hamsters present on the test plots. Concretely, the Chamber of Agriculture will put in place, in three different sites, an innovative cultivation system stemming from these design workshops.  During this project, each year, various agronomic, economic, and environmental indicators (including biological parameters stemming from the ONCFS monitoring of wild individuals captured and marked on these plots) will be measured, in order to carry out an in- depth assessment of this innovative crop culture system.

At the same time as these tests, the Chamber of Agriculture will test various agricultural equipment in the framework of technical testing and organise demonstrations for farmers. The acquisition of agricultural equipment will facilitate these experimentations in the framework of the LIFE ALISTER Project and make these machines available to farmers in the Hamster zone.

In charge of the action: CARA


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