3 October: LIFE Alister results symposium

21 septembre 2018

Running since July 2013, the European LIFE Alister programme which aims to promote an innovative approach to conserving the European hamster, is drawing to a close. After being extended by the European Commission, the programme is now scheduled to end in March 2019.

LIFE Alister partners (the Alsace Regional Chamber of Agriculture, the French National Scientific Research Centre [CNRS], the French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency, the Alsace Mammal Protection WorkGroup [GEPMA], Actéon and the Grand Est Region [which is also a coordinator for the project]) are already in a position to be able to give a number of lessons learned on a series of actions based on four key objectives:

  • Improve the habitat of the European hamster: by adapting crops;
  • Reconnect areas inhabited by the species: by securing the transition of the European hamster from one area to another;
  • Create new opportunities for expansion of the species: by identifying favourable areas for the species;
  • Improve the reputation of the European hamster: by raising awareness amongst Alsace inhabitants about this iconic species of their region.




On 3 October, a presentation of the key lessons learned from the programme will be held in the Grand Est Region assembly hall. LIFE Alister partners will share with the audience the actions they took and the experience they gained. The prospects of these actions will be discussed at a round table, which will also involve participants from outside the programme and stakeholders in the conservation of the European hamster.

The afternoon will be spent outdoors on a farm, before addressing the more technical aspects of the agricultural side of the project.

This event is exclusively for representatives of organisations working to conserve biodiversity in the Alsace region: associations in the field of nature conservation and agricultural associations; farmers, elected representatives, researchers, town planners, etc. After the event, the ‘Symposium Proceedings’ will be published on the LIFE Alister website in the ‘Results Symposium’ section. 

This results day is part of Strasbourg’s ‘European hamster week’ from 3 to 6 October 2018

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